S November: Hey Tramel. ^_^ Was Anissa doing ok after you guys dropped me off?
MECCA17: yeah she was doing better...
MECCA17: when she left she was great
S November: ^_~ You cheered her up, huh? lol
MECCA17: MMM hmm :)
S November: The special Tramel touch lol .. anyway, can I talk to you about something very private?
MECCA17: sure
S November: I mean, seriously personal, so much that even Anissa doesn't know too much about it. ( she'd SO clown! )
S November: You've got to promise to keep it between us.
S November: But I really need to talk to someone about it.
MECCA17: no problem... (lips are sealed)
S November: :P Don't know if I trust those lips...
S November: Anyway, it's kinda about Daniel.
MECCA17: lol :) what do you mean.. I never tell ANYTHING
MECCA17: oh okay
S November: Like, what's up with him?
MECCA17: what do you mean?
S November: :P Think about it.. I don't know how to explain right. I mean, is he at all interested in ... ahh! I dunno.
MECCA17: oh you mean relationship wise?
S November: I guess.
MECCA17: ha :) Daniel... Daniel... Daniel.... I swear he's dating his guitar
S November: LOL! Seriously, though!!! I'm suprised he's taken as much time as he has for me away from his guitar.
MECCA17: are you interested? have you asked
S November: I dunno. I mean, I consider him a close friend, he's really cool. But sometimes I think of him as more.
S November: The boy is sooo clueless!!! lol
MECCA17: oh okay... yeah, I don't know about Daniel... he's still impressionable... like he's cool... but when he's with guys who want to get some "hoes" he's down for "hoes" (kina jokingly) because he doesn't KNOW what he wants
S November: Hmmmm..... well a long long time ago I asked him to a mchs dance, but it wasn't too serious, and he wanted to go with his ghetto friends so it didn't happen.
S November: LoL, I know, he's trying to be a thug, it's SOO funny!!
S November: Sometimes I'd rather laugh at him than like him!!! Ha, j/p
MECCA17: haha :) he's hasn't really develop a "personality" outside of being a "guitar player"... because he's involved in music, which is why he's good...
S November: I know, I've noticed. Totally. Hey, it's okay with me. I've never been with a guy that dedicated to anything before! :P But, you know how girls are, lol. I swear, I think about things too much.
S November: We do stuff once in a while, even though we're usually doing guitar stuff, lol.
MECCA17: haha :) yeah, you do :) lol
S November: It's kinda like a whatever thing, tho, no big deal.
MECCA17: be more like a guy... blah blah blah
MECCA17: I hear you
S November: LoL! Heck yah!
S November: He's totally impossible to read. Anissa's always clowning me, like when me and him talk in class and talk about doing things and blah, she's like oh, your man, aud!
S November: Only thing is he's kinda immature... I mean, I usually go for older guys... :P
S November: What do I mean, kinda?!?? I mean REALLY!
MECCA17: haha :) I feel ya... that kind of thing kept me from having a girl.. I was kinda the same I am now in high school, but girls automatically assumed because I was their age I wasn't good enough :) lol
MECCA17: yeah he is... lol... but he's a good friend though
MECCA17: he doesn't even call me Tramel
MECCA17: I didn't finish his web site and he's all like "fuck you Hendrix!!" lol
MECCA17: I said "calm down clapton.. quit crying lke a girl.. it'st almost finished" then he started calming down... lol
MECCA17: he's funny :)
S November: :( I hate that, man. My best friend Mare is that way, she's 18 and ANYTHING younger is not a possibility at all. I don't think like that. It's personality that is important. GOD tramel, make him do his own work for once!!! He's ALWAYS getting away with copying people and not doing work, thats why I was soo mad at him!!!
MECCA17: sometimes it's a good thing though... like this new web site I never finished... I'm not gonna get credit for it... but you need it to kind of build off of because you have other things to do too! :) lol he's the same way...
MECCA17: but yeah he does tdo that a LOT :) lol
S November: LoL, crazy. Yah right. He's just using that good attitude you have about work to get away with not doing any!!! And it's hard to say no to him.. lol, I swear, if it wasn't for me, he wouldn't have passed spanish. but anyway, Basically, I just want to know if he thinks of me as one of his guitar buds, or what else. Eehhhh..
S November: Or is he just using me as a ride!
MECCA17: or TO ride, hmm? :) lol j/p... I don't know he doesn't really share his feelings... so your guess is as good as mine :)
S November: Once Anissa asked me if we were together, and before I said anything she was like "you could do better, aud." SO... I havn't told her much of what's going on. He's such a typical guy! ahh! So frustrating. It's so hard to tell if all the times we've kicked it mean anything. LoL, I AM a scorpio, and you know how the reputation is dear. ^_~ j/k
MECCA17: yeah :)
MECCA17: hey I have to go work on Anissa's project, so I'll probably see you at school tomorrow :) lol
S November: One of my best friends, Jenn, went to church with him, and (i swear, I wasn't like digging up 411 on him, she just told me!! lol!) she said that he'd only had one real girlfriend before, so I figured he doesn't understand
S November: At schoool???
MECCA17: yeah... I'm coming tomorrow
S November: Why!
MECCA17: to pick up my check! lol
MECCA17: :)
S November: LoL, why else. I only have three classes, so I'm not there too long. hee! Okay. Are you signing off? Alright then. Night! Thanks for listening, dear!