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Hello, Minna-chan!  ^_^ Before we get started, what do you need help with?
How Do I attach a file?
How do I create a text file?
I need help writing my fanfiction!
Why are all of these guidelines so important?
I have another Question.
How Do I attach a File?
Before I give you a lengthy description, what do you use to send e-mail?

  • After you log in, click on the "Compose" link on the left-hand frame.
  • Look below the test box where you type the e-mail message, and you'll see a thing that says 'Attachments: (none)' Click on 'Edit Attachments' and then a

  • new screen will pop up.
  • Follow the instructions on that screen: click on 'Browse' and then find where the text file is, and then open it.
  • Once you select the file(s) you want to send to me, and you

  • click on 'open', click the button below that says "Attach This
  • That's it! Then just send the e-mail message, which should include your pen name, your email, the fic name, and which part it is.

  • Hotmail
  • After you log in, click on the "Compose" link on the left-hand frame.
  • Find the button that says "Attachments" and click on it. (It's located above the text boxes).
  • Follow the simple steps listed at the Attachments page.
  • Once you attach all the files you would like to send me, click on the "Done" button.
  • Send the email, which should include your author name, your email, the fanfiction name(s), and the part if applicable.

  • Netscape
  • When using netscape, press the New Message Button.
  • Where the "Attachment" button is depends on which version you are using, but each version has a rather large button for attachments.
  • Click on the button, and browse your hard drive(s) to find the text files you want to send. (That's how I do it! ^_^)

  • Other
    Umm.. Hehe... I'm not really familiar with any other system.  But I'll bet that almost every system, somewhere, has an "attach" button.  For Juno users, you gotta PAY to be able to attach a file... so I suggest you get a hotmail or yahoo account so you can attach files. ^_^ If someone out there has a system besides "Hotmail", "Yahoo", or "Netscape", could you please help out the fanfiction authors here?  Send me a short description! ^_^
    How do I create a text file?
    Oy!  It totally depends on what Operating System you use.
    Windows or Mac?
    I can help Windows 95 users! ^_^
    Just type your fanfiction out on "Notepad!"  To find it, go to "Start," "Accessories," and "Notepad."  That's it!  If your fanfiction was saved on anything else, copy and paste it onto "Notepad."
    Can a Mac user please mail me and tell me how to make sure a file is text with the Mac system?
    I Need help writing my fanfiction!
    My own advice:
       Writing Fanfics.  *sigh* It can be a very fun and rewarding thing to do, but also, it can be a real frustrating hassle.  When you write fanfiction, it takes a lot of work.  But in the end, it's so rewarding to look at your finished piece of work and be proud.   
       But be careful when you write, and always remember the the three E's: edit, edit, and edit.  It's always a great idea to send a fanfiction to a friend for critique and ideas.  I find myself always asking friends for advice, and them asking me in return.  ^_^   
       But one thing you've gotta watch out for is writers block.  Ahh! It's a HORRIBLE thing that is SOO hard to avoid!!  But there are a few things to do to avoid it, and to rid of it.  If you're trying to avoid it, I recommend laying out the stories plot *before* you start writing. That way you know where the thing is going.  But if it still sneaks up on you, there are a lot of things you can do to rid of it.  You can try to relax by switching projects, or stopping and reading a favorite fanfiction classic.  Sometimes by reading other people's work, you get ideas!  But I've found the BEST thing to do is ask a friend about it.  They can *always* help!  Who knows, they just may give you the idea that'll get you rolling!  ^_^  
       And NEVER, EVER forget to write an idea down the SECOND you get it!  You have NO idea how many brainstorms I've lost because of bad memory!  But even though so many obstacles threaten your story, never lack confidence and creativity.  When you pour you heart into it, what you get back is well worth the work.
    Other sites that may help quite a bit:
     The Guide to Sailor Moon Fanfiction
    Japanese Animation Legality FAQ
    Sailor Moon Fan Fiction Head Quarters: Writer's Help
    Why are all of these guidelines so important?
    Well, Well! ^_~
    I have another Question.
    Another Question? No prob!  Fill out the form, and I'll get back to you ASAP!

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