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   Welcome to The Usagi and Mamoru Fanfiction Archive!  Our goal is to provide you with a wide variety of romantic Fan Fiction about Mamoru and Usagi:  From tales of the Silver Millennium to prophecies of the 30th Century.

Message 12/27/99 - Hello, minna-chan!  This is Sailor November.  Well, lit looks like the archive is back in my hands.  Thank you SO very much to Sidnei who kept the archive going for so long!  Please, visit the move information page to find out what's going to happen to the archive.

New - 12/24/99! Happy Holidays, minna!!! Well, this'll be my last update for Usamamo (Gomen ne it's so late @_@). It was fun! ^_^ I hope you all have a wonderful millennium! Sailor Moon forever, ne? ^_^ Ja matta ne! - Sid

New - 12/1/99! Back again! ^_^ Sorry for the late update! I was really busy and didn't have any free time until now. Anyways, hope you enjoy this week's new fanfics! Don't forget to e-mail the authors with your comments! And hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!! ^__^

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Established January 31st of 1998, free entertainment for Sailor Moon, Usagi, and Mamoru fans by Sailor November.  All fan fics were posted with the authors permission.  Some stories contain hentai, and the author nor the Usagi and Mamoru fanfiction Archive is liable for minors reading the contents. The archive does not claim ownership of the images and stories posted. Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi / Kodansha Toei Animation. All rights reserved.