As of now, it's pretty much a dream.  Getting your own domain name and server is very expensive, and it's going to take a lot of work to raise enough money to run will be more than just a fanfiction Archive, it will also be a Sailor Moon store where you can purchase hard to find Usagi and Mamoru merchandise.  Maybe even a little bit of a shrine to them!  But as of now, we're more concerned about how were going to raise the funds.  Here is some basic information about the cost of a domain name.  
  • You have to have two things: Your Domain Name registration, and your Service Provider.
  • The Domain Name registration is done by InterNIC.  No madder what plan your Service Provider and you agree on, you have to pay these basic fees.  $70 for the first two years, and $35 for each additional year.
  • Then, you choose a Service Provider.  I swear, there are a MILLION!  But after looking at many diffrent rates, I liked the ones at  Their basic Domain Name plan was free of regisration fees, and only $12.50 a month for 60MB.
So how are we going to raise $370 for the first two years?  Well, I have three ways that we are going to do that.  
  • The first way is free of charge to you!  All you have to do is click on our Shout! Advertising banner, and we earn up to $0.15 a click!  Just think, if you clikced on the banner each time you came to the archive, you'd have already helped a bunch!  (The image may be broken, click anyway)

  • The Second way is to support us by buying things from these services below.  We get a certain percentage of the profits.

  • The third way is to buy from Sailor November's Sailor Moon Shop!  All of the profit is going towards the project.  When is runing, the shop is going to become part of it, and sell lots of romantic Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask stuff.   Cool, ne?
  • The fourth way is through a nifty online auction site called eBay! Yes, that's right! The more of the stuff that we (I, Tiga ^.^;) auction off that you buy, all of that money will go towards the page! So bid, ONEGAIIII! ^.^ Stuff should be up for auction soon - e-mail me for information about it!
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