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We'd like to hear what you think.  What's your opinion on the last fanfiction you read?  Wouldn't you like to know a bit about the plot before you dive into another fanfiction?  Well a SYNOPSIS is the answer to all these problems.

What's a Synopsis? Merriam Webster's On-Line Dictionary describes SYNOPSIS as:  
    Syn·op·sis (noun)  
      A condensed statement or outline (as of a narrative or treatise)
Write a Synopsis for any story at the archive that you'd like.
 Follow the format below, and tell us about the plot and about your opinions.
You will get fair credit!  Fill in the form below, following the format.
 Thank you so much for taking your time to contribute to the archive!
To see an example:
    Look at the list HERE, all of the compleated synopsis' are listed there.
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Paragraph summary of the story.  Briefly summarize the plot without giving away the ending or any cliffhangers.  Any synopsis' that give away such information will be disregarded!   

Paragraph of your opinions and comments.  Be kind, and truthful.  No flames, just constructive criticism.   

Give ratings out of 5 stars for:
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Overall Rating - Average the three ratings, or the overall.  
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